The company ARC was founded in 1971, in Rebordosa (near to Porto) by António da Rocha Carneiro, father of the current managers. He had a strong passion and knowledge for furniture and the dream of building its own company. Due to his family support his dream came true. His strong character and determination were key factors to the success of the business, as well as the support of his two sons, – Armando Rocha and Alberto Rocha – who replaced him in 2001 in the management of the company.
ARC is nowadays one of the Portuguese export companies acting in the furniture business, which is well recognized by its quality and design, not only in Portugal as well as in other countries.
The company facilities have an area of about 12.000m2, including a renewed and expanded factory, a showroom and offices. It has become a modern and competitive company, well equipped with top technology for the furniture sector.
ARC is growing in a sustained way due to the fact that it has always invested in high qualified professionals and in strategically partners. In 2002 the company achieved the certification in quality in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001 and employs 90 workers. For more than 50 years that designs, manufactures and sells high quality furniture for the complete decoration of the home, with products that adapt the needs and demands of the modern and sophisticated client.
Besides the exclusive design ARC privileges quality in assistance service in sales and post sales. The commercial management of the company invests in a relation of proximity to the client (stores and distributors).

As a recognition of its merit and performance, the company was given awards at the Design event “In House” – award given by the public – ACICP and at Exporthome – award given by the press – ACICP.

The company is specialized in furniture, with a recognized know-how for four decades. Its focus is in creativity and innovation, investing in machines and equipment of advanced technology in order to allow an excellent level of production and high quality furniture.

With the slogan “Masters in Furniture” ARC brand does not forget the traditional values, but its notoriety is especially due to the combination of quality, tradition and contemporaneity with an audacious design. This is the philosophy of a happy partnership between well known architects and designers, Portuguese and foreign ones.
Due to the Premium position and to the brand’s high standards of quality and exclusive design it is one of the most prestigious insignia in Europe in the furniture and interior decoration sector.
In Arc designers get their inspiration in order to create contemporary, sophisticated and functional furniture, as well as comfortable and with timeless aesthetics. Furniture is manufactured with the combination of materials like: noble and exotic wood, lacquered, glass and metals.