Arbitration Center

  1. In the event of a consumer dispute, defined under the terms of Law No. 144/2015, of 8 September, the consumer may resort to the competent alternative consumer dispute resolution entity.
  2. Without prejudice to the provisions of legislation, statutes and regulations to which the alternative consumer dispute resolution entities are bound, it is considered competent to settle the consumer dispute, the alternative consumer dispute resolution entity at the place of execution of the contract for the purchase and sale of the good or the provision of services or alternatively the alternative resolution entity of specialized competence, if it exists for that sector.
  3. If there is no alternative dispute resolution center with competence at the place of the conclusion of the contract or the existing one (s) is not considered competent due to the value of the contract, the consumer can resort to the National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts in Porto, located at Rua de Damião de Góis, 31 loja6 4050-225 Porto, with the email address: cniacc@unl.pt and available at www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org ”


Characteristics of Natural Wood

There may be differences in tone and structure of the natural wood, since these are their own characteristics. Wood is a natural product and can undergo changes caused by the environment. For example, the ultraviolet rays of the solar action accelerate the darkening of the wood (oxidation). This is most evident in certain wood species. At the beginning we advise that the objects that are placed on the furniture with this finish is often changed in position so that the wood browns evenly and without stains.


Lacquered Surface Cleaning

Always bear in mind that lacquers must not be dry cleaned. Periodically and regularly clean the surface, in one direction, using a soft cloth slightly moistened with water. The cleaning cloth must not contain sand or other particles. Dry the surface with a soft, dry cloth. Never use any types of caustic or acid detergents, or that contain solvents (as these soften the surface of the lacquer and can damage) and other abrasive products (hard sponges). Do not place hot objects in direct contact with the surfaces. Avoid using glass cleaning products.


Natural Wood Floor Cleaning

Maintenance of wooden furniture should be done with a dry cloth to remove dust. And from time to time, a damp cleaning can be carried out with a soft cloth, but it should be dried immediately to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture. Do not use sharp or abrasive objects on the surface of your furniture. Do not use any types of caustic or acid detergents.


Stainless Steel Surface Cleaning

To ensure a good cleaning, use a microfiber cloth and dry the piece in the direction of brushing (never circular or perpendicular);

If the product contains grease, clean with a slightly damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid. Then dry the surface with a soft, dry cloth.


Lacquered Iron Surface Cleaning

Use a microfiber cloth and clean the piece dry, in case of grease or stains apply alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe over the piece (do not apply other products directly on the pieces).


Glass Surface Cleaning

Use a soft cloth, free of sand or other particles and clean with water or common and commercial cleaning products (never use alkaline products). You can also use alcohol or neutral agents free of abrasive or fluorine. Immediately after washing, it is important to ensure the drying of the entire glass surface.


Ceramic Surface Cleaning

Clean the surface periodically and regularly with a damp microfiber cloth. You can add a little detergent (avoid products containing hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives), then clean with water and rinse the surface with a dry cloth or wipes. You should not use waxes or oily products.
In the event of a spill, you must clean the surface immediately and pay attention to:

Types of dirt                                  Type of fetergents
Grease                                             Alkaline / Solvent
Wine                                                Alkaline / Acid
Coffee                                              Alkaline / Solvent
Juice                                               Oxidizing
Permanent Labeler                      Solvent